Why do I need to pay to root my device. Can’t I root my phone for free?

It is a well known fact that you can find rooting guides online and on forums like Xda Developers. If you feel comfortable rooting your phone yourself, you are more than welcome to try! We are here to help those who do not want to root there phone themselves and want to avoid bricking there phone.

OneClickRoot exists as a tool to detect whether or not an automatic or manual root exists for your device. Even apps like KingoApp support a limited number of phones that can be rooted automatically.

More often then not, there is a manual root available for your device. The $39.99 cost goes into the cost of having a dedicated android rooting technician root your device for you remotely. If you desire to root your device yourself without our help, then our product and service is not for you.

If for any reason we cannot root your device after you have purchased our service, we will gladly refund the amount in full.