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    Who We Are?

    Support King LLC was incorporated in October of 2016. Today, we’re the leading mobile support service in our industry. We are seeking first round investment to expand our marketing and operations. Our company is privately owned and has been bootstrapped and funded by our founder & CEO.

    We have seen a more than 200% increase in revenue in our first year of operations. We have also established major industry partnerships and received government contracts. We are seeking to maintain our revenue growth pattern of over 200% per year while building a market value of over $100 million within a 5 year period.

    As an Act 20 company based in Puerto Rico, we are subject to a corporate income tax rate of only 4%.

    The Management Team

    Scott Zuckerman
    CEO & Founder
    Jovan Brown
    Director of Operations
    Henry Rivera
    VP of Sales
    Chris Ridgeway
    Business Development Manager
    Madhav Rao
    Expert Technical Consultant
    David Heslop
    Roberto Nikolov
    HR Manager
    Kevin Mata
    Project Manager / Website Admin
    Jesus Soto
    Website Development
    Camille Cruda
    Live Chat Manager

    Our Mission

    We strive to provide cost-effective on-demand tech support and IT solutions for both consumers and businesses.

    We aim to continue growing while maintaining our leadership position in the remote mobile support industry.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading established brand for remote tech support and related software niches.

    The Market

    The IT service sector have a marketplace value of over $1 trillion per year. That’s a lot of money!