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iPhones are powerful devices. Unfortunately, if you never jailbreak your iPhone, you’re only experiencing about 40% of that power. Jailbreaking your iPhone lets you improve battery life, customize your iPhone, and install apps from outside the official app store. You can use your iOS device the way you want – not the way Apple wants you to use it..

  • img-15Jailbreak iOSCustomize your iPhone, install unofficial apps, and boost battery life
  • img-16Reverse JailbreakDon’t like your jailbroken iPhone? Reverse it with a click.
  • apple-1Install New AppsInstall the apps you want to use – not the apps Apple wants you to use.
  • img-17Repair iOSWe can fix most iOS problems over the internet.
  • img-18Customize your iPhoneAll iPhones look the same. Customize your iPhone and make it unique.
  • apple-2Remove Unwanted DataDelete unwanted apps and files to free up space and speed up iOS.


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