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Instantly improve security on your Windows PC.

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Comprehensive Protection

Protect all levels of your Windows PC from modern viruses. Today’s PCs are constantly bombarded with malware, adware, and other dangerous viruses. Our software provides comprehensive protection against threats, blocking attacks the moment they strike your PC.

Customize your Firewall

Your firewall is the first line of defense between your PC and the internet. Our software makes it easy to customize your firewall. Choose how strict – or open – you want to be with internet traffic

Automatic Sandboxing

Our software automatically puts suspected threats into a ‘sandbox’ – a virtual container where they’re walled off from your PC. This prevents threats from spreading.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)

Prevent attackers from remotely gaining access to your PC. Our software automatically detects intrusions, then takes actions to eliminate those threats immediately.

Real-Time Scanning

Our software constantly scans your PC for viruses. Real-time scanning helps your PC stay protected – even when you forget to run manual virus scans.
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