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SupportKing offers enterprise-grade Android, iOS, and Windows support at fair prices.

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24/7 Support for Your Android Devices

Rooting, Repairs, and Optimization

We work with all models and versions of Android, including smartphones and tablets. We can remotely root your Android device. If we can’t root it for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund. Our accomplished technicians can also install custom ROMs, remove bloatware, and performed other optimization tasks.

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24/7 Support for Apple iOS Devices

Jailbreaking, Errors, and Fixes

We can fix your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices faster than Apple Care – and at a cheaper price. Our certified technicians have combined decades of experience solving even the most complex iOS problems. We’re confident we can jailbreak, repair, and optimize your iPhone however you like.

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Windows Support

Speed Up your PC Instantly

Sick of using a slow PC? Our proprietary software tweaks hundreds of settings to improve PC speeds. You enjoy faster internet, better performance, and no more error messages. Make your old PC feel like a new PC again – even if you have no tech skills or experience!

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SupportKing provides unbeatable support at a reasonable price.


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