Timothy G. Slazyk

I had been struggling with a very difficult root job for a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Model SM-T217S and had tried everything under the sun over the past 1.5 years. I found this business and gave it a shot. My device required a manual root that was completed remotely by “Dabar Digital”. Most procedures probably don’t require the manual method. He took control of my computer and tablet with very little manual intervention on my part, and completed the root successfully within about 45 minutes. That was probably considered a long time but was due to issues on my end that he helped me resolve. I am absolutely thrilled to have this device finally rooted. I had my doubts in the beginning since this device is supposedly not rootable. Verified a successful root. Thank you all so much. What a great business you have and I am happy to refer you to others. I am still blown away by how professional and intelligent Dabar was. Thanks for your patience too.